Current Residents


Everest arrived with another horse from the same place. He wasn't too underweight on arrival, however he had black manure, bad rainscald and a dull coat. Everest also, at times, displayed a nervous head flick which seems to be improving as his health and nerves improve.

More information on Everest will be made available via our Facebook page, supporters newsletters, and private Facebook page. Our goal is to find Everest a suitable forever home once he has recovered and had some education.


Presley is a gorgeous boy, who has had a hard run last year ending up in multiple homes and his weight declined severely over that time.  We got Presley last year in November, literally had to move a landslide boulder to bring him back home.
He was in an emaciated state, tick and lice infested, covered in rainscald and had a wither sore. 
His recovery was a very slow, and careful recovery.
Small feeds and often, we got him through the hard part and progressing with his recovery well.
He has had some accupuncture and back care, and is currently being treated for ulcers. His downfall is that he is a windsucker, but he is mainly paddocked in our outrigged paddocks, so he doesn't need to have his collar on all the time
In the warmer weather he will get ready for ridden work, and then we will be able to find his forever home in the coming months. 

More information on Presley will be made available via our Facebook pagesupporters newsletters, and private Facebook page. Our goal is to find Presley a suitable forever home once he has recovered and had some further education.


During lambing season Rodney Animal Rescue is happy to take on orphan lambs, when we have the capacity (we have a tendency to fill up pretty quick!).

The lambs come to us for a few days of TLC, colostrum, milk, and once they are thriving we re-home them as Ag Day Pets.

If you've got some orphan lambs and need help with hand raising, or are on the look out for some Ag Day lambs, please do contact us. Some of these lambs come to us quite sick, and we put a lot of effort into getting them back up and running. To see more of our lamb information be sure to follow us on facebook.