Little Red

Red is the cutest little guy who came to us when his owner sadly passed away.

He was still a colt when he arrived, but has recently been gelded. Red was running in a herd with mares and foals as well as other geldings which is a stressful living environment for a young colt who doesn't know much about life. 

Red is a gentle, sweet and loving little guy. He was very nervous of people to start and it took our team a long time to be able to safely halter and catch him, but he is now coming along in leaps and bounds. Red has been placed with an experienced foster home who are able to provide him with the love, care and training he needs to thrive and he is now happy to be haltered, led, and have his feet picked up. 

Red is a super big smooch when you get to know him. He is always up for snuggles and attention and is just a sweetheart. He's a bif of a favourite with the rescue family (not that we play favourites!!)