Poppy has been in foster care for the last 18 months, and in that time has absolutely won the hearts of her foster family. This beautiful girl may seem a bit reserved when you first meet her, but it doesn't take much to win her over. Offer her some food, and you'll quickly have a new best friend. Once she forms a bond, she becomes incredibly loyal and will follow you anywhere, doing anything to show her affection.

Poppy's gentle nature makes her the sweetest companion. She adores cuddles and will stand calmly, even in the harshest weather, just to be covered and cared for. Grooming time is her favourite, and she'll happily stand for hours, savouring every scratch she receives.

In her previous life, Poppy was a broodmare and had many babies of her own. Unfortunately, circumstances changed when her owner passed away, and she was left without proper care for some time. Thankfully, she found her way into the care of the rescue, and is now with a foster family who shower her with love and affection.

Due to her past struggles with laminitis and some rotation of her coffin bone, Poppy now requires special feed and shoeing to keep her comfortable. But the good news is that, with the right care, she is as content on her feet as her energetic 2-year-old paddock mate! Currently residing in a little herd of mares, Poppy gets along wonderfully with her three paddock mates, ranging from 2 to 7 years old. She embodies the role of a gentle leader and keeps the harmony without making a fuss.

One special bond in her life is with her best mate, Iris. The two of them share a unique connection, and they even share food with each other. Although Poppy may not be inclined to share with just anyone, with Iris, she shows her generous and loving nature.

Poppy has found her forever home in foster care and will be supported by the rescue for the rest of her days.