Violet has been in our care for several months now, having come to us after her owner passed away. In her time with us, Violet has transformed from shy and reserved to a friendly, loving mare. Despite her portly stature, she's quite the ballerina in the paddock! 

Violet's early days were far from ideal, but she's steadily been embracing positive change. Her halter training has been a significant step forward, she is no longer fearful of strangers, but rather sees them as sources of fun and excitement. Her transformation is a testament to her resilience and the care she's receiving.

In the company of her two closest mare friends, Violet shines. Her bond with them is unbreakable, and together, they embark on adventures around the pond and the world beyond. Exploring new things and places has become a joyful experience for Violet, as she steps out of her comfort zone with the support of her friends.

Violet loves nothing more than a good scratch, and will happily let you know where all her itchy spots are. She is thriving in foster care and we hope that with continued support from her fosters, she will be ready for adoption in the near future.