Abbey is a 19 year old stunning chestnut mare, who is about 16hh.

Abbey came to us through the SPCA, when she was impounded alongside a couple of other mares. Her ownership was signed over to us, and we are so glad to have her! 

She is an absolute sweetheart! While she can be shy and reserved with new people, she tries so hard and genuinely wants to love and trust people. Abbey is a lovely mare to be around (yes, it's possible for the chestnut mares!) and has a real kindness about her, with such a huge heart. 

Abbey has come along in leaps and bounds now she is in foster care. She is adored by her foster family, and has lovely manners around feed and is super gentle when eating her treats. She gets plenty of them these days too! While she loves other horses, she is generally the bottom of the pecking order - no lead mare tendencies in this one! So she now gets to have a paddock to herself, with friends over the fence so she never gets lonely. 

Abbey will be with us for the rest of her days, due to having special feed and hoof care requirements, and has found herself a wonderful foster home to live out the rest of her days. 


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