We are a Charitable Trust dedicated to helping animals in need in the Greater Rodney area of Auckland, New Zealand

Our Story

Rodney Animal Rescue was born out of Alice’s love of helping animals and people in need. For Alice, it isn’t just about taking an animal that is suffering and making it better – although that is rewarding and a huge part of what we do here. It’s also about educating the owner to assist the future relationship between people and animal, ensuring the partnership can remain.

Alice Hayward is an experienced vet nurse with 10 years of experience in clinic, on farm, and with rescuing a wide range of animals out of her own pocket. With the rescue part of Alice's life continuing to grow, it became apparent it needed to be formalised, and so Rodney Animal Rescue was born.

We are happy to assist with a wide range of rural animals - from ducks through to horses, sheep, pigs and alpaca’s. If it is in need of vet care, rehab from an injury, or the owner is in need of some short-term assistance to get the care required for the animal – we are here to help.

Supporting Alice and her endeavours are a team of dedicated trustees in place to ensure Rodney Animal Rescue is a success. Read on about how you can help and support our efforts.

Our Mission

To support, rescue and rehabilitate animals and their people in the greater Rodney region. To educate owners on appropriate care of their animals and support as requried.

Meet some of the Trustees


John is Alice's courageous partner. His wealth of knowledge in technology is a real asset to the Rescue in sorting out our volunteer apps and helping us with managing our health and safety measures. John is also very hands on with the animals, having learned from Alice herself. He is now a master Alpaca wrangler as well as horse handler... really the list of what John does for us quite substantial!


Mel is one of our officers on the grounds working along side Alice. Mel does a lot of work at the home block with our animals as well as helping at emergencies. 


Odele has known Alice for around 10 years, after meeting through a collective love of Animal Welfare. Odele's role is to manage our online presence, our supporters, and corporate sponsors. If you'd like to be a sponsor, donate product, or be involved in one of our events, it's most likely you'll communicate with Odele. 


In 2018, after over a decade without horses, Madeleine decided a sensible way to come back was to take up riding lessons at a school. Within 3 months of that decision, she had adopted a wild Kaimanawa horse from the 2018 muster (local minor celebrity a horse called Feijoa).
About 8 weeks after the muster, and in only her second week of managing Feijoa all by herself, her horse managed to have a nasty paddock accident that required surgery and regular dressing of a leg wound in the middle of a muddy winter.
The 6 weeks of domestication training instilled in the horse by the professional handler Madeleine had hired quickly began to unravel, along with Madeleine's confidence, as Feijoa rapidly decided that no one was allowed to touch his leg wound for dressing changes and he would be reverting back.
Alice came to the rescue. Her skill and experience got both Feijoa and Madeleine through; Feijoa's leg healed up nicely, he and Madeleine went on to form an amazing partnership, and Madeleine and Alice formed a friendship that led to her coming onto the trust as its honorary lawyer to support Alice's work.
These days Madeleine has two horses, three cats and a free-range house rabbit. When she is not with her animals and her family, she is busy as a Barrister running her law practice in Orewa

Charitable Status

Rodney Animal Rescue is a registered not-for-profit organisation (registration number CC57781) with donee tax status. All donations are able to receive a donation tax credit, so please make sure you ask for a receipt if you don't automatically receive one. 


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