Want to learn more, and help us at the same time?

As part of our sponsorship tiers, you can become a Rodney Animal Rescue Advocate or Champion. Advocates and Champions are given special access to a private Facebook Group, on which we share the following information:

  • The most up-to-date information on our animals and going-ons
  • Exclusive prizes and give-aways
  • Exclusive educational content
  • Pre-adoption of animals (early adoption opportunities)

We also accept and try and answer:

  • Questions related to animal health or welfare
  • Questions specific to our animals

If you enjoy learning about our residents, learning about animal care and animal welfare, this is a rather inexpensive way to be involved. The fees start at only $50 per year.

To sign up, go to our BECOME A SUPPORTER page.

We look forward to sharing our stories and insights with you all.


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