Do you have time to Help?


Our volunteers are valued members of our team. Even if you only have a few hours a week, but are able to come and help groom horses, hold animals for veterinary or farrier care, muck out paddocks, or help feed out - we really appreciate it.

Volunteers ideally will have animal experience and a good level of confidence handling them. Some of our animals are not accustomed to regular handling and so need time and space. We have measures in place to ensure our volunteers are not involved with any dangerous or unhandled animals, however all animals are unpredictable.

We have strict health and safety measures, but all our volunteers must understand that they work with animals at their own risk. While we try and reduce the risks, we can't eliminate them entirely. 

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer, please complete this form. We'll be in touch with more information.

Volunteer Form

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Foster Homes

Occasionally we don't have room for all of our animals at the Rescue, or we have some animals come in that are in need of a little more time to find a home. If you have an extra paddock or two, and some time to throw them some hay and feed, we would love to hear from you. 

Fosters receive all the feed and hay for the animals, payment for hoof care, and any Veterinary care is taken care of by Rodney Animal Rescue. Your time and love is all you need to give to our animals while they are with you. 

If you think you can help by fostering, please complete this form. We'll be in touch with more information.

Foster Application Form

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Message Sent. Thank you very much for inquiring about fostering. We'll be in touch regarding the next steps in the process.