Success Stories


River was a foster fail!
We had River fostered out to one of our foster team. He was only suitable as a paddock mate, and pretty soon found a place in the family.
We're very happy River has found his forever home.


Bailey is a gorgeous gelding, with so much amazing potential.  Bailey always loved to please, no matter what he was doing.
He went in to foster with one of our riders, who did an amazing job in his next step of recovery, to be able to get him ready for his new home.  We put Bailey up for adoption, and the first person that enquired, came to view and ride him and fell in love with him.  

We get regular updates with how he is doing, and cannot wait to see their future progress together. Bailey loves his wee friend, Billy :)


Keira was a very sensitive mare with a few issues that needed to be worked on with a professional trainer to help her get through the issues needed to be able to find her, her forever home. Keira came back from the trainer ready for ridden work in her next step of recovery.  We enlisted the help of a lovely gentle rider called Nikki.  Nikki had her first ride, and from that ride it was almost like a connection was made.  Keira had her mare moments which Nikki understood and helped her throughout.  From here on their bond formed and continued to grow, and Nikki just knew Keira was the horse for her.  

It is moments like this, that warms my heart in knowing a wee horse that had her issues, and with the right training and help we offered this mare, she was able to finally find her forever human 


This is Gracie or as I like to call her “A Touch of Grace” as some days that’s all you will get from her. 

Gracie is a spirited, gentle and fun little pony to have around and we feel very privileged to have another Alice special join our menagerie.

Alice reached out to me after I put a post of Facebook asking for a pony paddock mate for my gelding Knobby. I wanted a pony so it wouldn’t destroy the land as quickly as larger hooves tend to do in winter. 

When we got Knobby 4 years ago he had been an only pony for most of his life and didn’t really know how to horse. He clicked with some of his paddock mates but not all. His original job was to keep my mare company but they never gelled so it was one paddock mate after the other. It always seemed to be that he would finally make a friend, then that friend would move away, sold etc. 

As soon as Gracie was put in the paddock it was like love at first sight. I kept them seperate for a few days just to be safe but really I don’t think I needed to.  I think they are soul mates to be honest.

Im lucky that all the windows in our house look into the paddock and we often see the two of them playing- Gracie often starts the fun by nipping Knobby and they hoon from the bottom to the top of their 5acre paddock and back down for ages. It’s actually hard to get good photos of them as they are always on the go! Or hiding in the trees. 

Alice warned me that Gracie was touchy to handle. This is true but within the first 3 hours of her arriving I had groomed her from head to toe, recovered her and caught and released a number of times. She is now mostly easy to recover without being tied up. Loves her feed and enjoying her bodywork treatment.  She is also an angel for the farrier expect for the one time she escaped from the garage and went for a hoon around the garden and up and down the deck! I think she would have been in the house if allowed. 

We adore her and I think she is happy being her and being Queen of the mulch pile (she is right on top of it most mornings) and Knobbys heart.