Thank you for considering adopting one of our animals

Adoption isn’t a first come first served basis; it’s about matching the right home to the right animal. So if you apply for one animal, please don’t be offended if we suggest or offer another.

The Adoption Process

If you’re interested in applying for one of our animals, we request you complete an adoption form specific to the species you are interested in. The adoption forms will cover off specific requirements of that species, so we understand your situation.

If we deem your situation suitable, we will arrange for you to meet the animal and one of our team.

Following meeting the animal, if you’re still suitable and interested, one of our team will need to check your property. We do this to ensure that property is safe and suitable.

Once this is completed, you will need to pay the adoption fee for the animal. Each animals adoption fee is different. We have to charge as we are not for profit and adoption fees are a big part of covering our costs. We try to keep these as reasonable as possible, but some of our animals have incurred more costs than others, and so we have to adjust these to suit.

We love to see our animals and follow their progress, so if you want to stay in touch we would love and appreciate it.

For an adoption form for our animals please email:, or use the form below, stating which animal you’re interested in. This will kick start the process and we'll be in touch to organise the next steps.

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