Barley is a 14hh pony and our vet has aged him at around 20 years old.

He came into care in 2022 and landed on his feet with an incredible foster home, who are the perfect match for him. When he arrived, Barley lacked confidence and was reluctant to engage and interact with people. He wasn’t keen on being caught, let alone do anything else with his human companions.

However, his foster family's dedication, patience, and love have worked wonders for Barley. With time and gentle guidance, they helped him blossom into a confident and trusting pony. Today, Barley radiates joy for life and has a deep bond with his foster family.

Barley's intelligence shines through, and he is eager to learn and explore. His foster family has introduced him to a variety of new tricks and games, keeping his mind active and engaged. From conquering obstacle courses to mastering clicker training and liberty work, Barley enthusiastically embraces every challenge. One of his more adventurous escapades includes taking a dip and swimming at the local estuary – such a lucky pony!

As an older gentleman, Barley requires specialised care, and he will be a permanent foster with us.


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