Meet Barney, the class clown of our rescue family. This chunky (perhaps a tad too chunky at times) 16.1hh crossbred gelding is an absolute delight to be around. Barney's journey with us began when his owner sadly passed away, leaving him without the love and care he deserved. He had been living in a large herd environment with mares, foals, and colts, but it wasn't the right fit for him. In this setting, Barney exhibited food aggression and other dominant behaviours that indicated his discomfort.

Adding to his challenges, Barney also suffers from navicular syndrome, a condition that requires special management and trimming to keep him comfortable. Despite having had a successful ridden career in the past, his navicular now calls for an early retirement.

However, since coming to his foster home, Barney has truly found his place to shine. He no longer feels the need to assert dominance in his new herd and has seamlessly integrated with his horse friends. His best mate, Goose, is his constant playmate, and they love rolling in mud together so and competing to see who can get the filthiest. Barney has become a well-mannered and respectful member of the family. Although he is a clown and likes to test the boundaries from time to time!

Barney absolutely adores his humans. He laps up attention (literally, he loves to lick!) and enjoys a good groom and scratch session. Unlike most of our rescue horses, Barney was overweight when he arrived due to his inactivity levels. With his pain levels and food intake properly managed, he is now a much healthier weight and has lost almost all of the cellulite on his bum!

Due to Barney’s medical needs, he will be in foster care for the rest of his days. If his pain levels are properly managed, this could be for many years to come. He has found a permanent home with his foster mum, who adores him.