Caesar, an 8-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, is tall and handsome, albeit a little gangly. In his younger years, he enjoyed a reasonable level of success as a racehorse, boasting four wins and several placings. However, after his racing career, Caesar didn't find the loving and caring home he deserved.

When he arrived in our care, Caesar was severely underweight and covered in rain scald. Mentally, he was shut down, desperately in need of immediate care and support. Our team knew he needed a nurturing environment to heal both physically and emotionally.

Since joining our foster care program, Caesar has undergone a remarkable transformation. Gradually, he has emerged from his shell and blossomed into a confident and friendly gentleman. His gentle nature makes him the kind soul at the bottom of the pecking order in his new herd, but that hasn't stopped him from forming a special bond with a young filly. They have become inseparable, forging a beautiful friendship.

Caesar's love for affection is evident, and he is always ready for a scratch and cuddle from his newfound human friends. He currently resides next to a local walkway and he is often seen hanging out by the fence asking for attention from anyone who walks past. He has a fantastic appetite, and he thoroughly enjoys his meals, making steady progress towards regaining his health.

With proper care and management, Caesar's skin condition has improved significantly. While his rain scald can still flare up occasionally, with the right care and nutrition it is easily managed. As a result, he has gained weight and transformed into a healthy, shiny, and contented boy.

Currently, Caesar is thriving in a foster home, where he will stay until Spring this year. After that, he will return to our rescue's home base to begin his journey back into work. Our ultimate goal is to find him the perfect forever home where he will be loved and cherished for the rest of his days.