Jazz is a 23-year-old gelding, who is an absolute sweetheart. Jazz is a stunning boy, even as a Thoroughbred coming into his senior years, he still has a zest for life and has the most amazing movement.

Jazz came into care facing a series of health challenges. One of his most persistent issues was chronic diarrhoea, which he battled for a long time. It has taken many years and determination from his foster mum, but Jazz’s health has improved immensely while he has been with us.

Despite beating the odds and his health being better than ever, Jazz remains light on condition. But don't let that fool you – he has an enormous appetite and loves his food. He is committed to continuing to put on weight, and his foster mum is super pleased with his continued progress.

In his foster home, Jazz lives his best life among a herd of five geldings. Among his companions, he has a very special best friend, a little grey pony named Frankie. They are inseparable and the best of friends.

Jazz is an affectionate soul who adores being pampered and fussed over. Despite the challenges he's faced, Jazz is such a bright light and everyone who meets him falls in love.

With his unique health needs and the special connection he shares with Frankie, Jazz has found his forever foster home. It's a place where he can live out the rest of his days, surrounded by love and care. His teeth issues necessitate special considerations, and he thrives on a diet designed to support his weight and overall health.

Jazz is a permanent foster and will see out his days in his foster home, supported by the rescue. He’s a testament to a horse that has been through so many challenges but still has a zest for life.  


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