Presley is a gorgeous boy, who has had a hard run last year ending up in multiple homes and his weight declined severely over that time. 

Presley came to us in November 2022, and we literally had to move a landslide to bring him to the rescue. He was in an emaciated state, tick and lice infested, covered in rainscald and had a wither sore. 

Presley's recovery has been a very slow and careful one, with little steps made toward a healthier, happier horse. With small feeds often, he made it through the worst and is continuing to progress well with his recovery. 

In his time with us, he has had acupuncture and back care, as well as ulcer treatments. He does windsuck, but this is managed with a collar and outriggers in paddocks. 

We would love to find a permanent home for Presley, so if you are interested in adopting him then please reach out and we can discuss whether you can provide a suitable home.